Destiny Health

Direct Patient Care is a type of healthcare service that utilizes reduced monthly membership fees instead of dealing with insurance companies and their obscure, inflated prices.  No more 5-10 minute appointments, prolonged waiting periods to see your provider, co-pays, deductibles, or out of network issues that are not covered. DPC provides available same day and next day sick visits and discounted prices on labs and imaging. DPC stands for personalized patient-centered care, devoting time where it really counts…with you. Your medical care is individually tailored, and you will finally receive the care that you deserve.
No, and that’s the beauty of the direct primary care model.
There is no restriction on your medical care due to formularies for medication, in or out of network, or prior authorizations. You and I work together to do what is best and what is right for your healthcare without a third party interfering.
Yes. Many medical conditions require treatment with medication. However, I recommend alternatives first whenever possible. A common example is a patient with a developing sinus infection that doesn’t want to take antibiotics: there are many alternative treatments that we can try first and hopefully prevent the need for antibiotics.
Yes, I recommend either medical insurance or a health sharing co-op. While you will not need medical insurance to be seen in my practice, an insurance policy or medical sharing plan may help with any significant unplanned medical needs that require imaging or treatment by a specialist or hospital.
I believe in fully informed consent for all medical treatments and each patient should have the opportunity to choose the treatment that meets his/her individual needs. While I do not provide vaccines in my practice, we can discuss potential risks and benefits of each vaccine and you may obtain vaccines at your local county health department should you wish to receive them. Vaccines are not required in order to receive care from me.
5 minutes west of the Novant Huntersville hospital on Gilead Rd. Exit 23 in Huntersville. I am also happy to see you virtually via telemedicine.
Even if you are healthy and without existing medical conditions, it’s great to have a healthcare provider you know and who knows you personally. In the unexpected event that you are sick, I can help you take care of most of your needs after hours, weekends, and even when you are out of town. This could save you a costly trip to the emergency room or urgent care. Even 1 or 2 of these visits can end up more costly than a yearly membership with my services.
Membership includes unlimited in-person and virtual visits for all your basic primary care needs including some minor procedures. Your membership fee does not include lab work or imaging and other referrals for services you may need, though I will help to coordinate that care for you.
Membership includes unlimited visits for annual physicals, unplanned medical needs, wellness consultations, minor office procedures. It’s all included! Your membership fee does not include lab work or imaging and other referrals for services you may need, though I will help to coordinate that care for you.
I have a very hand electronic portal that is safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant. However, you will also be given my personal cell phone number and I encourage you to reach out via text or call anytime you have any urgent medical questions or need care. My goal is to keep you healthy and out of urgent cares and emergency rooms!
No problem! Even when you are out of town, you can contact me whenever you need it. If you need a prescription called in, that’s covered, too!
I will help to connect you with specialists in the Charlotte area for medical needs that are beyond my scope of care.
If imaging is required, I will send orders to an imaging facility nearby and the results will be sent back to me for review. I have access to discounted imaging for cash payers. I have also partnered with a small lab called Evexia with services through Labcorp and am able to get deeply discounted labs. I much prefer to use them compared to billing insurance thru Quest. For example, I am able to order about $1500 worth of functional health labs and get a 15 page extensive report for only $150-$200!
I have been practicing medicine for almost 25 years.  I have always loved holistic and alternative medicine and have always tried to integrate that into my primary and urgent care practice of medicine.  I have worked locally for Atrium and currently moonlight for Novant Go Health Urgent Care and Nirvana Hyperbaric Institute.  I am a certified Hyperbaric Practitioner and certified Emotion Code Practitioner.   
Hours vary and, as a member, you will have the ability to see my availability and self-schedule at a time that is convenient for you. If you don’t find a time that works for you, I am happy to discuss options including evenings and weekends.
We understand that life circumstances change. We do require a 6 month commitment upon joining the practice, but you can cancel at any time after 6 months. If you decide to join the practice again after canceling your membership, there will be a sign-on fee equal to the current registration fee.